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nasi ayam special
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nasi ayam special

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Sunday, 9-Jul-2006 08:15
nasi ayam special
because of something emergency was happened unexpectedly...... :-S so this week i spent few days with my beloved hubby. before he going back to ibaraki we had our lunch together at senma apato laa........ :-D i made his favourite nasi ayam.....dah lama sgt nak masak utk husband tapi tak tercapai2 sbb we all duduk jauh :-( soo masa yg ader ni laaa kiter gunakan sepuas puas nyer kan..heheheh :-D after lunch we had our tea time lak......i made fruit cake...his favourite part gak..heheheh pastu semua tu tapow bagi dia awak balik.........hehheheh..... :-D

utk saper2 yg nak try fruit cake ni...leh aaa try sbb senang sgt cara nak buat nyer....ni dapat resepi from my husband which is original resepi is from my mother in law...heheheh :-D

FRuit Cake Boiled

bahan A
3/4 cup custor sugar
1 cup cold water
1 packet mixed fruit
8oz butter
1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonat
1 teaspoon allspice
a pinch of sat
3 table spoon orangejuice

boiled bhn A -10 minutes pastu biarkan sejuk

3beaten eggs
1 cup raisingflour
1cup plain flour

aftter mixture cool-add beaten eggs and the flour and stir well
bake at 150C lebih kurang 90minute

pastu bila dah masak...serve with black coffee....YUMMY!!!!! LOL

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